Introduction of Self



Getting started it would be nice to introduce yourself! Let’s learn who else on the interwebs is into scaling decentralization & this fancy blockchain trust machine.

As a start maybe talk about:

  • Why you’re passionate about scaling
  • What excites you about Plasma
  • What you’re working on!

Lots of love


I want to make dapps that are used by millions of people so scaling is important for that.

I think that proving data availability guarrentees via exit mechanisims is v scalable.

I am working with snarks mostly. Snarks for scalability


I work on GridPlus and we’re building a hardware device called the Lattice1.

I’m interested in understanding how we can support plasma from a hardware perspective. I want to provide a platform that doesn’t compromise on security such that our users to safely interact with scalable decentralized applications running on plasma.


Hi everyone! I’m Ben, a member of Plasma Group.

I dove down the crypto rabbit hole a couple of years ago and since have been working to help advance infrastructure since. My main bodies of research work in the plasma space have been the early versions of the Merkle sum tree for plasma cashflow, and more recently research around our predicate design.

I’m personally super interested in gaming and crypto. I think that there are vast swaths of p2p economic designs to monetize open source gaming models that are largely unexplored. It’s clear to me that this has to encompass L2 given the vast quantity of users and information in games!


Hi everyone, I am Georgios.

My focus into interesting and challenging problems involving cryptography, distributed systems and mechanism design.

I’ve contributed some theoretical/applied work towards Plasma Cash.


I think everyone should be financially secure and a big part of that is having access to an ecosystem that can support them. Plasma is a step in the right direction and I am looking forward to seeing what plapps people build.

I am not a developer myself but I appreciate the work being done. I work at Grapefruit Trading where we provide liquidity solutions.

Plasma Implementers Call for Participation

Hey everyone, I am Ashish from we are building account based plasma moreVP. We are also working towards using bls and zk for better ux and optimisations. Looking forward to great discussions :grinning:


Hey, Dan from ChainShot here! Been working on in-browser coding tutorials for the last year. We recently finished one for Plasma MVP.

I’m excited to learn more Plasma and relay my learning to the greater dev community :slight_smile:


Hi, I’m Syuhei from CryptoeconomicsLab.

We are developing Plasma Chamber which supporting predicate interface and we are aiming to the framework for scalable applications on blockchain. And also Rust implementation was started from yesterday.

I’m really exciting to study and develop various predicates!


Hi peeps,

I’m Johann, blinded by the idea that crypto mass adoption is key to humanity’s awakening, building away on layer 2, convinced that is where the on-boarding will be happening :partying_face:

At LeapDAO, an org delivering scalability as public utility, i’m working on spending conditions, yet another way to run smart contracts on Plasma.

In my free time I experiment with pop-up economies and design distributed breeding functions.


Hello, I’m Wanseob, working for nonce as a director of the Open Source Lab and also organizing ETHCon Korea, a non-profit local community-driven Ethereum developer conference for the local community people.

My main focus is always to make an incentive system for open source contribution. Thus I started plasma research because the scalability is necessary for the tokenization of open source activities. Currently, I’m working on Merklux, a flux pattern for general state channel, and Casper PEPoW (Casper FFG for layer 2 solution). These are for general state plasma app which needs a mintable token system for its reward of maintenance.

The first project to apply those solutions is Git Karma which tokenizes the github stars to mintable tokens through plasma.


Hi, I’m sg. A founder of the Cryptoeconomics Lab.

I’m the (self-assessed) most Plasma selling man in the world in order to maintain Cryptoeconomics Lab, so, research is bit behind from you guys. I’m now learning Rust in order to help @syuhei176 's development.

While thinking about how to sell and adopt Plasma to the industry, many unique real world insight has been found. And I noted it in here and here

Mainly I can say something about application of Plasma and mechanism design, but soon will catch up predicates deep core to contribute frontier of Plasma Cash variant :slight_smile:


Hey folks! I am Arpit and working on building an account based plasma scheme with @0xAshish at Excited about the role of plasma in scaling ETH.


Hi, I’m Kevin Jeong.

I’m working at Onther Inc and building turing-complete Plasma chain, Tokamak Network based upon Plasma EVM.

I really exited to exchange ideas with Plasma community members! Can’t wait!


Hello! Alexander here from Ujo.

While I found my way into ConsenSys through my background in music tech and interest in blockchain, I’ve increasingly become interested in the protocol layer and scaling solutions in the last couple years so I’ve been spending my free time researching an hacking on layer 2 when possible. We recently released a PoC for streaming payments over state channels via Connext within the Ujo portal.

Most recently I’ve had the opportunity to hang with the Plasma Group, and I’ve been excited about the prospects of a generalized plasma which they have been working towards.


Hi, I’m Kosta, researcher wannabe from LeapDAO org.

Helped implementing subset of MVP, fast exits and a bit of solEVM execution environment.

Interested in clean and simple UX for real problems


Hi everyone, I’m Yuriko from Cryptoeconomics Lab.

I’ve been researching Plasma with @syuhei176 and @shogochiai to build Plapps development framework, Plasma Chamber, based upon Plasma Cashflow design. Our research focus has lately been on designing/implementing Predicate towards generalized Plasma as our primary goal.
Looking forward to having lots of cool discussions with y’all here!


Hello everyone, I am Johnny.
Currently working on a new project (TBA) that incorporates complex game mechanics with the use of NFT’s.
We plan to use a second layer for obvious ux reasons.


Hello everyone, I am Takumi Yamashita from Stake, inc.

I’ve been developing Plasma on Substrate, Plasm.(
We want to that everyone can use generalized plasma specification. So, I develop a library of Plasma on Substrate. Substrate is blockchain toolkit developed by paritytech.

We are implementing plasma that conforms to plasma group specification now.
Thank you in advance.