Feedback on PLIP 1: PLIP Purpose and Guidelines


Link to PLIP 1:

Hey yall!

At the end of the last Plasma Implementers call our friends at Cryptoeconomics Lab (@yuriko @syuhei176 ) requested an initial PLIP so they could start submitting more technical PLIPs. Figured better do this before the next call so I just submitted a “PLIP 1”

This proposed PLIP 1 is basically a rip off of the “EIP 1” from Ethereum. However, I made a few changes, namely:

  1. Changed links and references to EIP -> PLIP, Ethereum -> Plasma
  2. Edited “PLIP types” to remove things like references to consensus protocols & hard forks.
  3. Added some guidelines for determining the PLIP editors. – Would love feedback on this!

This is a pretty meaty PLIP & goes against agile intuitions to start small & build up from a lean base. That said, EIP 1 (which this is based on) does propose some interesting structure which has been put into practice, so maybe it is a good starting point.

That being said, I hold no strong opinions here and would love any and all feedback. If we want to scrap this and write a fresh one, or if we want to add, remove, or edit sections would love to hear!

Feedback more than welcome :slight_smile:

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