Retrospective: Plasma Implementers Call #20


Thank you all for joining the call!

This post is a mirror of the wiki entry here: – If there is anything missing please edit the wiki & it’ll be mirrored here.

Video Recording

Notes & Agenda


  • Forum post on standard data structures.
  • Common efforts around wallet implementations.
  • Mission: Bring crypto adoption to the masses. (@johba how would you state this?)
  • To further the mission, create popup economies & meetups to onboard folks to layer 2.
  • Let’s work together!

[EDIT 1]
Changed how this thread post will be updated based on my comment here: Retrospective: Plasma Implementers Call #20


With regard to my original statement of:

Please post on this thread anything that I’ve neglected to include & I’ll add it…

Changed my mind! I don’t think that it makes sense for me to act as some curator of content. Instead I just threw a wiki up on GitHub here so that we can all edit that & I will simply mirror the content here.

Picked the PG org to house the wiki because it feels like a neutral ground but want to make sure that’s alright. Also picked it because I have access rights & wanted a wiki thrown up in a matter of minutes so am not stuck with even more responsibilities :smile:

How does that sound?


Thanks for organizing and reviving the Plasma call.