[Retrospective] Plasma Implementers Call #22!


Plasma Call #22 Topics & Questions

This thread is our handy-dandy resource for topics we’d like to discuss in this week’s Plasma call. Please respond to this thread with either:

  1. topics you’d like to see covered in the call; and/or
  2. questions you have for the group.

Looking forward to seeing everyone :slight_smile:


I’ll start it off with a few things off the top of my head, and hopefully update more as the week progresses.



  • Are different “plasma implementations” analogous to different ethereum implementations like parity or geth?


Plasma thoughts:

Hey-hey. :wave:
We had a great talk with the Plasma Group team (@ben-chain, @jing & @karl) this Thursday.
Thanks for the time guys. I will do my best to push forward your efforts and help with Plasma mass adoption. :rocket:
I’ve got dozens of topics that I’d like to see covered in the call. So here are my thoughts on the next steps that I would like to proceed:

  1. Standardize API for all kind of Plasma flavors :strawberry:

    We talked with @ben-chain about this. Now here is a bunch of new information that appeared in spec.plasma.group in the last 2 weeks - I would like to create a united interface with versioning (maybe it already exists, @ben?) that all Plasma flavors should support if they want to be compatible with all the following things that I will write below.

    • High priority
  2. Mobile (iOS) Framework & wallet API - web3swift module :peach:
    Together with @shamatar we have already built a web3swift library - native iOS library for smart contracts interaction. I offered to create a separate module to implement all requirement calls in Plasma chains (deposits/transfers/exits), so anyone can get mass adoption into mobile world by specifying a simple endpoint for specific Plasma in the init settings of this library.

    • High priority
    • depends on 1
  3. Hybrid Exit game with zkSnarks :smiling_imp:
    I had similar thoughts before we talked about building the zkSNARKs solution for Plasma Cash - to check inclusion/exclusion proofs for TX in the Merkle tree. So Karl has already started researching this topic for more information click here - I would like to move it forward and build a prototype.

    • High priority
  4. Make an out-of-the-box plasma reference implementation :package:
    In order to make everyone use Plasma. It would be cool to create a simple and working prototype of Plasma. I believe we are very close to this step.

  • Depends on 1
  • Related to 3
  1. Discuss the creation of a Plasma Operators bridge :bridge_at_night:
    In order to change values between Plasmas - could be a great thing to make DEX solutions or change values in different Plasmas (as it was supposed in the original white paper)
  • Depends on 1
  1. Hackathon preparation: Plasma case for hackers. :pager:
    I would like to introduce an out-of-the-box solution for developers till the end of summer. To make it possible to play around with Plasma on hackathons (at least with reference implementation with their own projects.
  • Related to 1, 2
  1. Burner wallet integration :fire:
    Also a good case, and the next step later. (Just wanted to highlight this idea)
  • Depends on 2, 5
  1. Make a Plasma implementation map :world_map:
    To specify current states of the Plasma teams. As an option: create a wiki page with the current state of Plasma references from all teams in one place. I can make a wiki page on GitHub and start to fill it in. So we can invite the rest of the community to fill the info about their solutions.
  • Related to 4

So, here are my thoughts. Let me know what you think about this and keep in touch. :vulcan_salute:


There are a lot of things to discuss: 8! proposals. Let’s take the most important ones and I will create separate topics for these ideas.



Thank you all for joining the call!

Video Recording


Agenda – https://hackmd.io/VjyrmhRZREqzdWmOk4F7PA?both

  • Team Updates
    • LeapDAO adds primality.leapdao.org for a great example of expensive computation carried out on plasma
    • Matic working on predicates especially atomic token swaps
    • Cryptoeconomics Lab is creating Android plasma client SDK & predicate showcase.
    • Plasma Group building the state manager (within the OVM)
    • LeverJ optimizing to get their implementation to run at high throughput / low latency.
    • Matter Inc looking at some RSA accumulators at zCon !
  • Standards – Build a multi-implementation compatible wallet?
    • Plasma wallet UX difficulties
    • How might we coordinate? A standard watch tower? Block structure? Etc…