[Retrospective] Plasma Implementers Call #23!


Plasma Call #23 Topics & Questions

This thread is our handy-dandy resource for topics we’d like to discuss in this week’s Plasma call. Please respond to this thread with either:

  1. topics you’d like to see covered in the call; and/or
  2. questions you have for the group.

Looking forward to seeing everyone :slight_smile:


Here’s a first pass for some topics, but will add more & questions tomorrow!



Hello hello. I would like to discuss Universal Plasma DSL + Plasma reference Wallet implementation


Is that Universal Plasma domain specific language? very cool. I like that very much.
Actually, we are discussing language for predicate.


Yes! As the reference, how it should looks like I would like to take your rust framework https://github.com/cryptoeconomicslab/plasma-rust-framework


Here we go, that my idea to discuss today: [PLIP draft] Universal Plasma DSL + Tool for wallet developers + Plasma reference Wallet implementation


just to add on the conversation we had in terms of the architecture of Plasma Chamber, we are following PG’s spec now so it’s quite different from the one shown in our README. You might wanna take a look at this neat architecture diagram made by PG folks (thanks @karl @ben-chain!) here https://spec.plasma.group/en/latest/src/05-client-architecture/introduction.html#architecture-diagram.



Thank you all for joining the call!

Video Recording



Hey everyone, Kasima from OmiseGO here! We’ve been heads down in implementation lately but, don’t worry, we’re already feeling the fomo!

To respond to the wallet question about where we are, there are a couple “wallets” in flight for us right now. First is the eWallet, which is the centralized ledger service that will be able to do inter-eWallet transactions on a plasma chain. We’re just finishing up our Ethereum integration work now and we’ve just started on plasma chain integration. Though, the eWallet may not be the wallet you’re looking for.

As for something like a mobile wallet that supports basic plasma actions (deposit, transact, withdraw), that’s on our roadmap as well and we plan on starting that work in the next few weeks. I’ll tap in our lead dev on the mobile wallet to hop in on that thread.

What kind of “reference implementation” are you looking for? Like reference product/UI/UX work for how a user might want to interact with a plasma chain? Or something like a framework that can be adapted to many flavors of plasmas?