[Retrospective] Plasma Implementers Call #24!


Plasma Call #24 Topics & Questions

This thread is our handy-dandy resource for topics we’d like to discuss in this week’s Plasma call. Please respond to this thread with either:

  1. topics you’d like to see covered in the call; and/or
  2. questions you have for the group.

Looking forward to seeing everyone :slight_smile:





We have been wondering about plasma DApps that are interoperable with the ones running on ethereum. Have an interesting idea around it. Would like to get the plasma implementer’s view!


Finalize the development of Plasma Cash

Questions and updates for Plasma Call #24

Task 0: token exchange mechanism for Plasma Cash

Since every coin in Plasma Cash has its own history of the transaction, all of these coins are non-fungible. The history of the coin takes place in memory. Therefore, we propose such a solution. When the history of a coin becomes very long, we need to change it. We need to deploy our “coin exchange”. Besides, this will be used when you want to exchange one “big-coin” for several “small-coins”. Note again, that all of these coins have a history.

:question:Is there already implemented coin exchange options?
I heard, that Loom working on this, but haven’t found any references yet.

Task 1: SNARKs for data compression

We will use SNARKs. In this case, we will use “horizontal” SNARKs – SNARKs which using for data compression. We will deploy a SNARK that will compress the history of the coin when it was not used.

We need to solve the problem with exit games
One of the pressing issue of Plasma Cash – all users must be online all the time.

:question:Is there solutions for exits without zkSNARKs, that works correctly on exit games?

*Task 3: SNARKs which using for exit game

Again with SNARKs. Here we will use “vertical” SNARKs – SNARKs which using for exit game. They allow them to take a snapshot and exit online.

:question:Is there already implemented “horizontal” and “vertical” SNARKs?


Video & summary will be posted soon!

Technical difficulties means I won’t be able to post the video before our next call; however, it’ll be posted shortly thereafter!