[Retrospective] Plasma Implementers Call #25!


Plasma Call #25 Topics & Questions

This thread is our handy-dandy resource for topics we’d like to discuss in this week’s Plasma call. Please respond to this thread with either:

  1. topics you’d like to see covered in the call; and/or
  2. questions you have for the group.

Looking forward to seeing everyone :slight_smile:

Introducing the EVM Enforcer


  • P2P networking! — There were some interesting discussions in the Plasma Contributors telegram group after @gakonst asked about folk’s progress with the Plasma networking layer.
  • Optimistic Rollup — There’s some fun stuff that can be done with the OVM that makes Rollup Plasma for mass exits & complex disputes general purpose.


  • If I remember correctly @tshanky mentioned being open to share some of their progress a bit more in-depth. This sounds super great! Would you be interested in screen sharing some of your product & plasma workflow?
  • @jdkanani / @atvanguard would love to see more in-depth what yall have accomplished as well!


DEX predicates + OVM

On this call, I would like to discuss OVM and predicates, that we need for DEX futures implementation. I’ve got some writing notes, that I will share with you along with Ivan, who actively participated in this research.
We will provide additional comments on the call. In the future I will make a post about that.

Simplest Case:

  • Suppose that there is only 1 futures contract
  • Suppose that every trader can only have 1 “relationship” with a contract (if the trader has sold the contract, then he can not buy this contract in this cycle anymore)

So we need to define 3 predicates:

  1. isTransfer (A , B)
  2. existContract (A , B)
  3. isSet(A , B , Condition)

Scenario 1

We assume that there are only 2 traders: Alice and Bob

Let isSet ( . , . ) - function from two arguments that takes true or false value.


isSet (A, B) = 1 -> there is settlement between A and B

isSet (A, B) = 0 -> there is NO settlement between A and B

The execution of a futures contract can be written down as follows:

There is a day, when - isSet (A, B) = 1

Let isTransfer (. , .) - function from 2 arguments, that takes true or false.

Example: isTransfer (. , .) =1 -> (A sells her contract to B) or (b sells his contract to A)

Scenario 2

There are 3 traders: Alice, Bob and Chris. Suppose that Alice has a contract with Bob

Consider the core of the future A has a contract with B

With OVM we can limit variants of possible future:

This could be a great way of creating DEX. If there are supplemented, of the logic of DEX can be described in the predicate language.


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