[Retrospective] Plasma Implementers Call #26


Plasma Call #26 Topics & Questions

This thread is our handy-dandy resource for topics we’d like to discuss in this week’s Plasma call. Please respond to this thread with either:

  1. topics you’d like to see covered in the call; and/or
  2. questions you have for the group.

Looking forward to seeing everyone :slight_smile:



  • State channel implementation!
  • OVM specs repository! http://github.com/plasma-group/ovm
    • Includes discussion on smart contract property factories
    • Includes optimistic rollup doc


Question for the group: is it possible to deploy Aragon (a bunch of Ethereum contracts that all connect together) on OVM/Plasma?

Context: I’m part of a team called 1Hive that makes Aragon apps, DAO models, and infrastructure aimed at supporting governance and funding of the commons. Our target market is open source teams/projects. Onboarding users outside of the Ethereum community is currently quite difficult, so we’re looking to reduce fees and improve UX via PoA. This is unfortunate because it throws out all the cryptoeconomic gaurantees that make Aragon DAOs unstoppable. I’m hoping it doesn’t have to be this way. I’m hoping that Plasma is ready. Is OVM/Plasma ready?