Plasma Implementers Call for Participation


With the advent of tons of exciting new Plasma tech in the field it’s more important than ever to coordinate everyone’s L2 efforts. And I mean everyone–if you’re building Plasma or a Plapp then let’s jam.

In two weeks we will be rebooting the Plasma Implementers Call and we want to see some new faces!

If you’re building a Plasma implementation or a Plapp, reply to this thread with:

  1. an introduction of project you’re working on,
  2. a link to your great work, and
  3. introduce yourself here! – Introduction of Self

We’d love to have you on the call :slight_smile:

Collaboration will make all of our lives easier and the only obstacle is a little communication. I really love all the folks in this Plasma & L2 space & know we can build some amazing stuff together. So let’s grow our Plasma implementers family!

See you in two weeks,

Call Time & Location

Date: Wednesday, May 22nd @ 7am PST.

Location: Zoom--Link sent in a direct message on this forum (or email if provided)


We at are working on an account-based implementation of the Plasma MoreVP. Here is the spec. Would appreciate your feedback. Looking forward to attending my first ever Plasma implementers call :smiley:


Hi. We are building turing-complete Plasma chain, Tokamak Network based on Plasma EVM. Here are matarials of project.

Tech Paper
■ Videos
(1) Tokamak Network : Turing Complete, Scalable Plasma Chain(Korean, English Sub) - Kevin Jeong
(2) Implementing MakerDao stable coin on Tokamak Plasma(Korean, English Sub) - Jake Song
(3) Explaning Continuous Rebase - DA solutions for Plasma EVM - Aiden Park

I’m Looking forward to attending Plasma implementers call:grin:


the usual suspects :grin:

I’m with LeapDAO, and mostly interested in:

  • Standardizing an exit game, so we can share audit cost across multiple teams.
  • Starting a community watch-tower (watching the consistency of the different chains), so users can have an independent opinion about uptime and health, maybe even transaction count, speed and gas cost.
  • Collaborating to convince Austin to only run his burner on Plasma chains.

  1. I’m currently working on research regarding Ethereum 2.0 phase 2. You can find an outdated repo of our work here and see me on Ethereum Research.

  2. One time I helped build a watchtower prototype:

  3. Hi I’m Matt, I work at ConsenSys! You can find me in the crypto Twittersphere here:


I looked at the matic plasma spec. Its impressive and well thought through. Congratulations! I was wondering though on the concept of block producers and an intermediate POS layer for consensus. If you are already providing enough mechanisms and incentives for consensus at that intermediate stage then do you even need the Ethereum main/root chain? Your plasma to me seems more aligned with an independent POS chain. Perhaps, I may have not understood all the nuances. Will give it a read again.


Thank you Shashank. You are correct in saying that the right incentives at the PoS layer should be good enough in deterring any malicious behaviour on part of the block producer / validators. However, we believe that it would be great to provide plasma guaranteed exit mechanisms to users in the event that everyone in the intermediate layer decides to turn malicious; though highly unlikely.